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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Ghoul Friday

Ghoul Friday" (gul/frid/e; noun)


1. A female assistant with a range of duties who contributes to the furtherance of an effort

                                               2. One who takes delight in the revolting, morbid or loathsome

This website is for Halloween artists and enthusiasts, as well as those who enjoy creations and celebrations of all that is delightfully dark.

Join me as I mutter about alternative & lowbrow art, Halloween, props & countless creepy pop culture discoveries.

This is what it says on her blog page header. I just had to blog about this blog by a great creative mind and wonderful little creepy Canadian artist. I have been reading her blog for some time now and the things she comes up with just amaze me at times. Her latest creations, the Plague Doctors, are truly awesome. From horrific how to's, to Halloween party planning, to her wonderful art, she continues to impress and enchant me with all she does. If you haven't heard of her, stop by and check out her blog and sign up for her email list for updates. You will not be disappointed!

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