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Monday, August 31, 2009

Newest Etsy shop addition


Corpse progress so far....

So I decided to try my hand at a corpse pumpkinrot.com style. Here is the first pics of my progress so far. I cheated a little with the foam half skull but I wasn't sure how to start sculpting a paper mache skull and I had this foam one sitting around collecting dust so I figured it would work.

Halloween Sky

Sunday, August 30, 2009

First project of the season! Entrance Pillars!

Well we got a good start on the first project for this
Halloween. We had a pile of old scrap 2x4s out back so I decided to use them up
to make some pillars for the front of the house on either side of the walkway. I
decided to make them 6 feet tall and I will eventually put a set of busts that
light up form the inside on the top of them. We started today with making the
frames out of the 2x4s. We cut 8 pieces of wood 6 feet long, 12 pieces 20 inches
long and 12 piece 16.5 inches long. The total size of the frames ended up being
6 feet tall and 20 x20 inches square.

Next I dragged out the 2 inch thick blue insulation foam that I
was going to use for the skin of the pillars and cut it down to fit the wide
sides. These pieces had to be 24 inches wide. I put the foam on the frame with
long screws.

My next step is to cut the foam for the short sides which will
be 20 inches wide. That will have to be a job for tomorrow though as now it is
supper time and then I have to get the kids around and ready for school

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Begining the quest for Halloween

Well, I didn't get up until noon after staying up until 2:30 last night so I didn't get as much done as I wanted to today so far. Honestly, I didn't even know where to start. First I had to clean off my back porch and put all the gardening supplies and tools away so that I coudl start draggin out the Halloween stuff. Well, I got part of the porch cleaned off and then had to come in and make supper. I did however find my thunder and lightning machine and get it tested to make sure it still worked after being stored in the basement ( unbeknownst to me until I found it down there) for the last 3 years! Took it out of the box and hooked it up to the lamps n my studio and turned on the thunder soundtrack CD and it worked like a dream! I am so glad because I really wanted to use it this year for the cemetery. After this entry and when I am done eating dinner I will get back to it. I hope to get the "kitchen" room of the haunt cleaned out today. That is the one room that always gets everything shoved into it during the "off season" if there is such a thing...lol. So there is not only Halloween stuff in there but also my wife's tea party supplies and many other things that I have shoved in there over the past year since last Halloween. Wish me luck everyone! I have to get in gear and get some of this stuff sorted so I have room in the garage to build some new stuff this year. Until later....unpleasant dreams!

Something to get you in the Halloween mood!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Is that Halloween I smell in the air?

Well, the days are getting shorter and the air cooler. Halloween is just around the corner and I can't wait. Now is the time of year I love! It is time to drag out the tools and the supplies and build more props for my haunt. I have a few plans for some new additions to my haunt this year. I plan on making some new pillars for the front entrance, making some fake boarded up window covers for the front windows of the house and maybe a few more things. Soon I will start dragging out all the decorations and going through things...testing things to make sure nothing quit on me while in storage over the winter and summer and generally cleaning up and organizing things so it is all ready to be set up come the first of October ( or maybe a little sooner if I can sneak it past my wife...lol) Keep checking back for some sneak peeks at the new creations and some of the set up I will be doing!

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