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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Begining the quest for Halloween

Well, I didn't get up until noon after staying up until 2:30 last night so I didn't get as much done as I wanted to today so far. Honestly, I didn't even know where to start. First I had to clean off my back porch and put all the gardening supplies and tools away so that I coudl start draggin out the Halloween stuff. Well, I got part of the porch cleaned off and then had to come in and make supper. I did however find my thunder and lightning machine and get it tested to make sure it still worked after being stored in the basement ( unbeknownst to me until I found it down there) for the last 3 years! Took it out of the box and hooked it up to the lamps n my studio and turned on the thunder soundtrack CD and it worked like a dream! I am so glad because I really wanted to use it this year for the cemetery. After this entry and when I am done eating dinner I will get back to it. I hope to get the "kitchen" room of the haunt cleaned out today. That is the one room that always gets everything shoved into it during the "off season" if there is such a thing...lol. So there is not only Halloween stuff in there but also my wife's tea party supplies and many other things that I have shoved in there over the past year since last Halloween. Wish me luck everyone! I have to get in gear and get some of this stuff sorted so I have room in the garage to build some new stuff this year. Until later....unpleasant dreams!

Something to get you in the Halloween mood!!

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