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Friday, August 28, 2009

Welcome to my World!

Come with me on a journey through my imagination and back again. My name is Damien Stafford and I am an artist, sculptor, portrait painter, photographer and jewelry designer. I specialize in Dark, Gothic, Fantasy and Spooky artwork and decorating. If you can dream it, I can most likely make it a reality!

I am a self taught artist with a penchant for spooky subject matter and the darker side of life. I do a bit of everything from drawing, painting, sculpture, photograpy, jewelry design and room sized murals. I have been doing art ( in one form or another) since I was a small child and professionally since 1999.

I specialize in portraits and creepy, spooky and scary artwork. I do other work as well but prefer to work with a darker subject matter.


  1. I would love to follow you but when i click on it ... It wont let me... Can you please help :) thanks

  2. Looks like it worked out for you as I see you on my list now. Thanks for following me!