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Sunday, August 30, 2009

First project of the season! Entrance Pillars!

Well we got a good start on the first project for this
Halloween. We had a pile of old scrap 2x4s out back so I decided to use them up
to make some pillars for the front of the house on either side of the walkway. I
decided to make them 6 feet tall and I will eventually put a set of busts that
light up form the inside on the top of them. We started today with making the
frames out of the 2x4s. We cut 8 pieces of wood 6 feet long, 12 pieces 20 inches
long and 12 piece 16.5 inches long. The total size of the frames ended up being
6 feet tall and 20 x20 inches square.

Next I dragged out the 2 inch thick blue insulation foam that I
was going to use for the skin of the pillars and cut it down to fit the wide
sides. These pieces had to be 24 inches wide. I put the foam on the frame with
long screws.

My next step is to cut the foam for the short sides which will
be 20 inches wide. That will have to be a job for tomorrow though as now it is
supper time and then I have to get the kids around and ready for school

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